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Software is our passion.
Our speciality came from years of experience and deep desire to create the best products, in all of their aspects

DevSense is a leading software company, whose highly-experienced staff specializes in applications for cellular phones, complex internet systems and e-commerce sites.
Many of the most successful projects in the market were developed and managed by DevSense and we pride ourselves on our many satisfied customers. Our uniqueness lies in our "outside the box" thinking. Each project we manage benefits from the
combination of cutting-edge technological innovations with a unique personal touch.
The technologies we master allow us to offer our clients tailored solutions of different complexity and extent.
For us, no project is too big or too small.
Our various clients include entrepreneurs, established companies and organizations in many different fields.
Our specialty derives from a combination of vast experience with the unceasing aspiration to produce the best, most innovative products, in all respects.
Along with our extended growth as developers of leading smartphone and internet applications, we always aim to offer each client the best tailored solution to address all of his or her needs, while applying the most updated technological innovations in line with the current market trends.

Some Facts about Us

  • 178 Software Projects
  • 101 Clients
  • 23 Team Members
  • 1 Your Future Like

Our Team Leaders

Yaniv Rosen
VP Business development | Founder

"Analyzing each case with out-of-the-box thinking, vision and mission, adding the 'X' factor - to assure optimal implementation of every project of any size"

Meirav Vit-Gitter

"Our added value is stripping down each project to it’s basic DNA, and adjusting it to the market trends and needs, maximising it’s effectiveness and success."

Shay Ozeri
CTO | Founder

"Making your dreams come true through cutting edge technology, using our speciel touch to provide a complete solution"


DevSense offers a complete range of services, from A to Z, for every step of the project.

Product Design

We fit a tailor made product specification for each client, while emphasising the business model and optimal user interface within keeping in mind the vision of the client.

Product Architecture

We think BIG! so we use our experience to design the software architecture to reach big scale usage. We create a SOLID architecture for all our products so they can reach massive traffic.

Graphic Design

Its important to be “in” on the trends going on in the market. Your product has to connect with your audience while being innovative, our graphic’s department will take you by the hand and won’t stop until you reach your goal

iOS Apps

When developing an app for iOS you need to know how to use all of it’s features so you deliver the best user experience. We take that to a whole new level, intergrading the most advanced features to bring your dream alive.

Android Apps

Android is a powerful operating system, we know how to use the freedom it provide’s to create cutting edge application, bringing your smartphone experience to it’s fullest.

Server Development

The server is the brain of your application. We know how to build a strong infrastructure so you just need to take care of bringing the traffic.

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Baalei Hamelacha 26, Haifa

Email : yanivr@devsense.co.il

United Kingdom

1 King Street, London EC2V 8AU, UK
+ 44(0)20-7769-6831

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